Worship of Gods and Goddesses Forbidden in the Bible

In the ancient times, people were not able to recognize the true God correctly. They lost their fear of God and has forgotten God’s commandments. As it was said through the Bible, to fear God and to obey His commands is the whole duty of mankind. It means that all people who eagerly wants to receive salvation must seek the true God and obey His words. Among the commandments of God in the Bible, He taught us that we must worship Him only, isn’t it?

This teaching implies that the God who created the heavens and the Earth is the One whom we have to worship. Then, what will happen if we worship other gods? Anyone who claims to believe in God must take this seriously. If not, judgement will come upon that person. So, the worship of gods and goddesses is not a teaching given to us by the Mighty Creator. The very reason why many come to disobey God Almighty is that they lost their fear of God. For the best restaurant catering service, you may visit this one. Try to hop over to this website 川丰 guys. So much appreciated their every meal being serve in here, all are nice in plating.

Why did God forbade His people to worship other gods? This is because no blessing will be given to those who do so. Curse will surely come upon them. Anyone who claims to believe the Bible as the true words of God must carefully obey everything written in it most especially the true way that we have to walk. And as Christians, let us not follow the traditions and practices of other nation. Check this best party assistance restaurant that has the best traditional theme 台中點心餐盒推薦. This is given for everyone.