The mummification facts and process

One of the products of humankind that has gained interests around the world are the mummies. Mummies are unique as they are human beings who had died but they still retain the body form. When a person dies, it is natural that it would decompose and become dust again. But in the process made by humans, the bodies of dead people could be preserved. One amazing thing about them is that they were mummified even thousands of years ago and they are still intact until this time.

The process of mummification is not done only in Egypt but around the world, the practice also exists. There are many records of mummies that have been made as they were discovered and recovered. They are then put on display to museums or others have been left to where they are found as the culture in the place. In the infographic, you can see facts about the mummies that are found in Egypt. They are the result of humans intervention to the natural process.

That makes them more interesting. Sometimes you do not dare to look at dead people but there are those who do not care and it is like normal to them. What would be the reaction then of seeing the mummies at very close level? But it serves as an occupation for people before to make mummies. There are the embalmers, cutters, scribes and even priests. Now they also have the technology to preserve people and freeze them but for a different reason. It is the hope that they would be cured someday of their sickness.