Life After Death

One of the things that people have the curiosity is the life that a person would have when it dies. Death is the destination of all people and many are afraid of it. that is because the life after it is not that known. People would just want to enjoy their life also on this earth because they think that there is no more life when you die. Different knowledge leads to a different perspective and that is the situation around the world.

In the belief of the Egyptians, they believed that there is still life after death. What they do is that they take care the tombs of the dead ancestors. They give them drinks or food or even weapon. That is why they often visit the tombs of the dead relatives or ancestors. But they also have a different point of view as compared to others who also do this practice. They believe that dead people would take another form usually a bird and now part of nature.

They believe in multiple gods and so they have their own lists of gods and goddesses as their deities but this has undergone a process of being eliminated. There was a time that they have shifted to the belief in only one god. Even if they had worshipped many deities for thousands of years, they agreed to only have one. It did not last long when the ruler was changed and the beliefs of various gods and goddesses were reinstituted.