An Introduction to Greek Gods and Goddesses

If Egypt and all other countries have their own beliefs about gods and goddesses, Greece is not an exemption. In fact, the country of Greece is very popular because of the people’s beliefs in many gods. For students, you surely know at least some of the Greek gods and goddesses. The people believe that the gods and goddesses are the ones who help them in times of need, punishes them when they do wrong, and protect them when some disasters come to their own nation.

Among the famous Greek gods, one of them is Zeus. He is known as the greatest and most powerful among others. He have his own superpowers as believed by many. If Zeus was the king of the gods, Hera is known as the queen. If fishermen are to abuse the sea, then they are waiting punishment from the god of the sea, Poseidon. The Greek people also believed in the unforgiving and cruel god known as Hades. And you might not heard the whole story well in your class. So you better get this clearing aid to help you 聽障 助聽器. Aside from these gods, there are more to be mentioned.

Hermes is known as the messenger of the gods. It has been a belief of the Greek people that there is a god of messenger. For sure, everyone knows Athena. If not, she is known as the goddess of wisdom and war. There is also a god of war based on the belief of Greeks. And he is Ares. Anyone in Greece who believe in gods and goddesses also believe in the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Other gods include Apollo, Artemis, Hephaestus and many more.