Egyptian Deities

There are also the deities of the Egyptians and not just the others who have it. It was thought that the gods and goddesses they have had been inherited by others but they had changed the names of the gods and they made it their own. If you will trace them, you can see similarities to it. The names are different but what they represent are the same. The love of people for the gods and goddesses did not end even after the ancient times finished.

In every country, you can know that they have their own gods and goddesses they practice. One of the nations that practice it is India and there are more who have their own. The times have been in that culture and practices as no one knows what is ahead and what is happening. That is why there is the need to believe in something powerful and beautiful. It is the longingness of people to depend on someone that it may have driven them to have gods and goddesses.

Some of the deities of the Egyptians are Geb which is considered as the god of the earth. Isis is the goddess who has the position of mother. The king of the gods is Osiris and the god of the sun is ra. For the women, the help would come from Hathor. If you are looking for truth and the balance then you would have to seek ma’at. This practice has survived even at this time where many Christians exist.